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Dimensions (approx): 15x16x2

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What They're Saying

"An ingenious design, this is the first brownie pan truly designed for the corner lover. Others have tried with edge pans or muffin pans but they just aren't the same as a real corner piece."

Janet Cook... THE COOK
Vincennes, IN

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Is there a need to adjust my recipe when using the More Corners Brownie Pan?

No. The More Corners Brownie Pan is sized to fit most standard box mixes and recipes designed for 9"x13" pans. Like thicker brownies? Just double your mix!

What's the best way to clean the pan? Is it dishwasher safe?

The nonstick surface will release most foods fairly easily. Although this bakeware is dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.

What kinds of utensils can I use with the More Corners Brownie Pan?

Use only nylon, wooden, or rubber utensils. Metal tools and knives can easily damage the pan's surface. Steel wool or other abrasive scrubbers may scratch the surface too.

Is the More Corners Brownie Pan available in stores?

We are currently going nation-wide. We hope to be in a retailer near you soon!

How do I make a return?

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